Adele is changing the "woman scorned" archetype; it's about more than hysteria

There’s this story floating around that the guy who may have inspired Adele’s Grammy-winning album 21 was this weirdo named “Slinky Sunbeam”… And, gasp! That he wasn’t even her boyfriend for reals! Next came the judgmental implications that she’s somehow pathologically romantic; that there’s something wrong with her for having had a powerful emotional reaction to someone who “never called [her] his girlfriend.”

This sanctimonious, judgmental article from the NY Post asserts that “one-sided relationships” are “something of a theme” in Adele’s life. One “industry insider” says: “A whole lot of people think this is an example of Adele’s overdeveloped romanticism… I’m not saying she made it up, but there’s a strong suspicion that she’s gilding the lily.” It goes on to psychoanalyze both Adele and her mother, hypothesizing that perhaps feeling emotions is a genetic disease. Wow, I wish my job was scavenging garbage tidbits of gossip about celebs, then I’d be that insightful, too!

These people need to — at minimum — look at the missed connections section of craigslist and learn a little bit more about the human condition. There isn’t one fixed bar of intimacy which, if crossed, suddenly makes a relationship “serious.” A great source of human pain is subjective significance — so why is anyone surprised that this guy didn’t consider her significant enough to be named a girlfriend? I can’t believe it’s someone’s job to speculate over whether Adele’s Grammys were really hard-won with heartbreak. Her work speaks for itself; no one can denigrate it by claiming her situation wasn’t “serious” enough to be considered inspirational. Read the Jezebel article — it’s better, as usual. She’s not crazy for having seen significance in something that others might have labeled as a passing infatuation! …If it even was about this guy at all :/

I don’t know about you, but I can see her going for an artsy, charismatic type — even if this one is somewhat dubious.