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Edit: I think I get really mean sometimes — and maybe I’m not alone. Particularly when it comes to celebrities, or people that society seems to have ‘figured out’ already. She’s just a person trying to figure out how to deal with being labeled, I think. If my entire life was being played out in front of an MTV screen, people would be pretty annoyed with me too, I’m sure. And perhaps my reaction to this says way more about me and my issues than it does about anything else. Look at me, thinking that my opinion amuses anyone… This is probably why I stopped blogging, because it makes me cringe later.

Ummm… This?

Is this video of Taylor Swift gleefully wielding a kitchen knife real? I don’t know what’s more wtf… The shot of Generically-Handsome-Guy vomiting out Taylor Swift’s apple metaphor like someone just gave him the heimlich, or her frenzied, tear-stained mascara face saying “I’M INSANE.” It might have been cool if she’d actually parodied herself… But instead this looks more like a sad confirmation (and glorification) of all of the criticism that is generally leveled at her.

I love how the guy too is totally uninteresting, and sort of looks at her with scowly bland indifference while she’s cutting his clothes and lighting them on fire. Don’t try to act too hard, bro, you’ll put wrinkles on your Zoolander face. Also, will someone point out that players want anything but torture? They want gratification at the expense of others; they will push you off a cliff for a brownie. So if anyone wants torture, it’s Taylor herself.

…What’s oppressive about the whole “crazy girl” stereotype is the way in which it’s applied to women who are actually SANE — just having appropriate responses to being emotionally shat on. And of course, men say “bitches be crazy”-esque things to escape any possible moral indictment. Her thinking that being ACTUALLY mentally ill is the point, well… Misses the point. It casts women who ARE labeled that way in an offensive light. And I generally think that it is sad to take on “craziness” as an aspect to your identity; I feel like that is what happens when your self esteem has been totally broken down, so you finally believe about yourself what oppressive people have told you.

At this point, making critiques of her is sort of pointless, I guess. We can only sit back and watch in slack-jawed amazement, wondering at the notion that this is an actual video that someone is jamming out to.


Yeah, I don’t get it.